Vikings News · Post Season VB & FB Coverage

Viking Fans, we wanted to provide some clarity to how games will be covered for State Volleyball and Football Playoffs for the rest of the season.


While at the State Volleyball tournament, all of those games will be streamed by NFHS. Our Waverly STRIV Crew will be commentating the 1st round game today and if we win, tomorrows semifinal game. The Volleyball finals will be on TV on NET Saturday. Therefore, if you want to watch this afternoons State Volleyball matchup, or tomorrow should we win, you will have to subscribe to NFHS in order to do so.


The Waverly STRIV Crew will be broadcasting the quarterfinal football game tomorrow night against Hastings on our Waverly STRIV Network. If the boys win tomorrow night, the semifinal game will have to be streamed through NFHS. In this case, you would have to have a subscription to view the semifinal football game.

If you purchase a subscription for the Volleyball matches, then you would be able to view next weeks semifinal football game as long as the Vikings can take care of business.