Vikings News · EMC Softball Tournament UPDATE


Bennington – Blair – Elkhorn – Elkhorn North – Norris – Waverly


Date: Saturday, September 12th, 2020 

Site: All games will be played at Youth Sports Complex in Blair; North 10th & Jackson St., Blair, NE 68008

Admission: Adults-$8.00 Students-$6.00 (EMC All Day Tournament Fee)

NSAA COVID ACCOMMODATIONS: NSAA 2020 Softball Manual & National Federation Rules shall govern play along with the 2020 Softball COVID-19 Rules Modifications and Considerations

Passes: All coaches, players, managers, etc. as part of the “official team traveling party” on your bus will be admitted free. ONLY EMC passes are accepted.

Concessions: There will be NO Concessions, please plan accordingly.   

Seating: Spectators are NOT allowed to sit in the bleacher areas from dugout to dugout. It is advised that spectators bring their own lawn chairs and socially distance amongst each other along the fence lines. 


Game Times: Pool Play games will be on two fields playing at  11:00 AM, 1:00 PM, 3:00 PM

Based on Pool Play results, each team will play a bracket game at 5:00PM with three fields being used. 

The visiting teams for each game will be asked to provide a scoreboard operator.  

HOME Team: For all EMC tournament games the higher seeded team will be the home team and occupy the 3rd base dugout.

Awards: A championship plate and a runner-up plate will be presented. 20 medals will also be presented to the championship team. 

Regulations: NSAA regulations as outlined in the softball manual will be strictly followed.

        • Time limit of 1 hour 30 minutes will be followed (finish the inning). 
        • No time limit on the championship game.
        • 12, 10, 8 run rules apply in appropriate innings. 
        • International Tie Breaker

Other COVID Related Restrictions:

  • The only spectators able to attend Waverly home events are the participants’ immediate families. Immediate family is defined as the parents/guardians, siblings and grandparents of the participant.
  • We will pull pass lists from the EMC shared google folder on Friday Morning, September 11th. Please have them updated by then. 
  • Face Coverings are required to gain admission into the event as well as face coverings must be worn by spectators at all times during the event. If a mask break is needed, please remove yourself from the crowd. 
  • Players will wear masks while in the dugouts and any movement outside the playing area at all times.
  • Coaches will be required to wear a face covering. Officials will be required to wear a face covering until play begins. 
  • Dugout to dugout, NO SPECTATORS are allowed. (No bleachers)
  • Families need to sit together as a group while watching the game.
  • Restrooms will be available. 
  • Each team should provide their own towels