Vikings News · EMC Wrestling Duals 2021

WHERE: Waverly High School
WHEN: Friday, January 9, 2021 3 p.m. 5 Rounds

RESULTS: Track Wrestling will be used.  Results are online and in real time

ADMISSION: Adults $6 Students $4

PASSES: ONLY EMC Passes will be accepted.

CONCESSIONS: Concessions will not be available. 



COVID Restrictions: The following have been approved by LLCHD and must be followed.

We ask for your complete cooperation in implementing these protocols. Please DO NOT put our admission workers, or event personnel in a compromised position that creates negativity. A few weeks ago Lancaster County Schools found out how quickly it can be taken away, and we don’t want that to happen again. Therefore, let’s continue to do our part.

Passes and Spectators:

  • Attendance will be limited to household members of participants only. We will use a “Tally System”, based off of the official team roster to record family members entry into a contest. 
  • Roster refers to current players, coaches and managers.
  • Spectators will be checked and temperatures taken upon entering the building. 
  • Family pods will be asked to sit together and social distance from other families as much as possible.

Specific Number of Spectators Allowed: 

  • Wrestling – 2 tickets for each participant’s/coach’s household family members for a dual, triangular, quad, or any meet larger than a quad. Within these 2 attendees per participant has to be household members (Dad, Mom, Siblings that live in the household) or can include grandparents, but each family CANNOT go over the 2 tickets per participant guidance. 
  • Tickets are NOT interchangeable during contests; 2 tickets for the entire contest/event.  
  • No band or pep bands at this time     
  • No student body attendance at this time 
  • No traveling cheer or dance teams allowed at this time       


  • Students will not be expected to wear masks during actual competition or when engaged in rigorous, physical activity. Students and officials will be expected to wear masks when not engaged in rigorous activity – i.e. during timeouts, on the bench, etc.  Coaches will wear masks at all times.  
  • Masks will be required for all coaches, non-participants, and spectators at indoor events at all times.
  • Event management personnel will be required to wear masks.

Wrestling Contests:

  • Weigh-ins will be done by teams rather than shoulder to shoulder and done in singlets, in a large room or the competition area vs. locker room. 
  • Team areas will be restricted to essential personnel only.  This includes competitors, coaches, team athletic trainers, team managers, and contest officials. 
  • Team members should have appropriate physical distancing on the team bench and designated team area.
  • Face coverings will be required by all personnel and by athletes when not competing in their contest match.
  • Sanitizer will be available at the scoring table and wrestlers must use hand sanitizer before they begin a match. 
  • Scoring bands will be wiped down with sanitizer after each use and before assigning to the next wrestler. 
  • Eliminate hand shaking with the referee.
  • Wrestlers are not allowed mat side at any time except when they are on deck.
  • Limit of 2 coaches on the corner with masks.
  • Wrestling mats will be disinfected regularly – double duals/Tri – between each dual match up, or between sessions/rounds if a bracketed format.
  • Teams should be assigned designated team camp areas where athletes should be when not warming up or competing. 
  • Food may only be in a team’s assigned camp area with 6 feet physical distancing away from spectators and other teams.