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Ralston High School Wrestling Event Covid Protocols 20-21

Ralston vs Waverly


JV at 7 and Varsity to follow.


Special Note: For this contest RHS will allow up to 6 household members and/or grandparents for each wrestler.

Pre-Screening: Parents should pre screen participants at home before leaving home for an event. Any participant with a temperature of 100.4 or higher should stay home. The state may mandate that the home team take temperature checks before any event. Any participant who has lost sense of taste and or smell should not participate and stay home. Any participant with two or more symptoms of the following should stay home: headache, temperature, congestion, intestinal discomfort, aches and pains, cough, or simply does not feel well in general. Coaches need to pre-screen each other before the event.

Masks: Any participants that are not engaged in competition are required to wear masks. Coaches are required to wear masks at all times. Some teams may choose to compete in masks; that is not required at this time. Participants on the bench or in the team area should always wear masks. Participants that go anywhere in the building should wear a mask.

Pre-game and post game: Wrestlers will not shake hands at any time but can acknowledge each other in some appropriate way. If captains are called by officials players are to be masked and socially distanced. Teams will leave the floor immediately after the event and exit the building.

Spectators:  Each family group is required to social distance from other family groups. All spectators are required to wear masks at all times while in the building. Acceptable seating areas will be marked on the bleachers. Ralston will use the tally system to allow for spectators. Fans will state who they are there to watch at the admissions table and those will be checked off. Once a participant has the specified number of fans nobody else will be allowed to use that participant’s name. It is best if the fans for each participant show up at the same time. Spectators should enter RHS using the doors to the left as you walk up to the main entrance and exit to the doors on to the left as you walk out of the building.

Concessions: Will be available

Athletic Trainer: An AT will be available; any participant who needs the AT will be masked at all times during treatment.

Livestream: Ralston will live stream all events in the RHS gym on the NFHS Network.

Directed Health Measures and the NSAA: RHS will follow the health mandates as put out by the Governor’s office. RHS is also subject to health mandates put out by Douglas County. Ralston will also follow the suggestions put out by the NSAA unless deemed inappropriate for our specific circumstances. RHS may use stricter covid guidelines than the DHMs put out by the state.